Skulls & Roses & Fire Art

Price: $25.00

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A simple skull, is there anything more beautiful? As we’re all going eventually anyway, why sweat the small stuff. Death is the great equalizer. The skull is just a reminder to approach life with a sense of play and enjoy yourself everyday!

Available as giclee print in the following sizes:
5 x 7 inch print      $25.00
8.5 x 11 inch print $35.00
11 x 14 inch print  $65.00
12 x 16 inch print  $75.00
16 x 20 inch print  $95.00

Now available as a 24 x 30 inch vinyl wall decal that will firmly adhere to your wall without damage. There’s no need for framing. This  large vinyl wall poster is easy to put up in minutes. If you want to move it to a new spot, just take it off and place your decal in its new spot.
24 x 30 inch wall decal $ 85.00
30 x 36 inch wall decal $105.00

Original painting, 11 x 14 inches, acrylic paint on stretched canvas $650.00

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