Spot the Jacket at M***s

I slid my car into the mall parking space. With nothing more than my hand-painted jacket and camera, I stepped cautiously into the brightly lit department store. It was mid-morning and the store was nearly empty; other than a couple of women leisurely sliding dresses across a clothing rack. I watched as one young woman held her selection up, imagining how the crisp, red blouse would look on her. Noticing the two clerks discussing their adventures of the previous night and upcoming sales, I realized they had not even noticed me enter the store.

I hung my jacket at the front of the first rack I saw, intending to take a quick shot and leave. Holding my breath, I snapped the photo. Emboldened by the fact that no burly security guard rushed up to hustle me out of the store, I looked for an even better spot to feature my jacket. In fact I found 5 more highly advantageous locations in the junior’s department. Still nervous, I quickly took my photographs. Then trying to look casual, strolled out of the store. Once safely planted back in my car, I laughed out loud. I had been so worried that I would be ejected from the department store, but this was easy!3-6-13 Macys 72

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